VANS Gyplast

VANS Gyplast is a pure gypsum based plaster suitable for most internal wall and partition surfaces including brick, block and concrete. It consists essentially of pure gypsum hemihydrate formulated with special additives to control application and setting characteristics. It contains pure gypsum in natural form, eliminated from all impurities. It gives plaster an unmatched work-ability because of its smoothness, coverage and ease of application. When dried it provides a super white, smooth and fine finish.


Ceiling Tiles

Combining Gypsum, a natural and environmentally friendly material, with Glass fiber Reinforcement and traditional craft know-how, VANS Gypsum False ceilings and Drywall Partitions are a fine blend of aesthetics and precision engineering.

VANS Gypbond

VANS Gypbond is a ready-to-use internal plaster bonding agent with added aggregates, used as a primer/bonding aid prior to plastering on surfaces such as concrete, plaster and difficult, low or non-porous substrates.