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Gypsum Board - Ceilings
Material Required:

  • Perimeter Channels
  • Ceiling Angle
  • Intermediate Channel
  • Ceiling Section
  • Rawl Plug
  • Soffit Cleat
  • Connecting Clip
  • Drywall Screw
  • Jointing compound
  • Paint


  • Rawl Plug is fixed to soffit surface and Soffit cleat is attached to it
  • Perimeter Channel is fixed to the wall at the required ceiling height
  • Ceiling angles are attached to Soffit Cleats at the required suspension height
  • Intermediate channels are then conneected to the ceiling angles
  • Ceiling sections are connected to the Intermediate channels are connected using the Connecting clips
  • VANS Gypsum boards are screw-fixed in staggering joint manner
  • Jointing and finishing is done one square edge joint
  • Allow for drying before painting
Gypsum Board - Walls:
Material Required:

  • Floor and Ceiling channels
  • GI Stud
  • Fixing Channel
  • Dry wall screws
  • Jointing compound
  • Paint


  • Mark the ceiling and floor in line for the fixing of the Floor and Ceiling Channel
  • Fix the channels on the ceiling and the floor
  • Fix the GI stud to the wall for support and plug the GI studs in between the floor and ceiling channel at 2’ c/c
  • Cut and bend floor/ceiling channel and fix to the vertical studs to make the door opening
  • The framework is now complete. Now fix the service pipeline before boarding commences
  • Fix the boards to the metal frame with drywall screws at 300mm c/c in staggering joint manner
NOTE: GI channels fixed horizontal to the GI studs may need to be installed depending on ceiling height