Innovative Alternate For Internal Wall Plaster !

VANS GYPSUM, manufacturer of innovative GRG Ceiling Boards has introduced VANS GYPLAST, a feasible alternative to the traditional method of sand and cement plastering of internal walls. VANS GYPLAST contains special gypsum in its natural form, formulated with special additives to control application and setting characteristics which gives an ultra white, bright finish and anti crack feature to the plaster. VANS GYPLAST has unmatched, superior features compared to other wall plaster available in the Indian market, Suitable for internal walls of brick, block and concrete surfaces, VANS GYPLAST offers builders wanting to develop Green buildings with better finish, quicker installation time while saving cost.

  • High Coverage
  • Ultra White - bright finish
  • Ultra Smooth - ready to paint surface
  • Anti - Crack feature
  • Excellent strength on drying
  • Fungus and bacteria free
  • Enhanced light reflectance
  • Thermal and humidity resistance
  • Superb aesthetics
  • Eco-friendly - chemical free, non-toxic, save energy and time

We solicit trade enquires and look forward for corporate partnership with dealers.

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